Environmental policy

The DITTA Environmental Policy (ENVI) Working Group (WG) was created in 2012 to respond to the need of having a central focal point to follow the development of international environmental related legislation and to coordinate actions on international matters. The WG is coordinated by the COCIR office.


  • Establish a global vision on what our industry expects at global level on environmental regulations
  • Monitor the development of environmental legislation around the world and advocate with national authorities for harmonization of requirements on:


    • waste management and producer extended responsibility
    • limitation or ban of import/export of used medical devices
    • restriction of the use of hazardous substances in MDs
    • energy efficiency and ecodesign requirements
    • criteria for green public procurement
    • trade barriers


  • Advocate for the international free movement of used medical devices for reuse activities with the Basel Convention

Liaison with other DITTA Working Groups

The DITTA ENVI WG works in liaison with the DITTA Good Refurbishment Practice (GRP) WG to promote the value-added of refurbished equipment as a key contributor to "circular economy". Activities have been focused on presenting the environmental, social and economic benefits of refurbishment and its intrinsic sustainability.