DITTA is the united global industry voice for diagnostic imaging, radiation therapy, healthcare ICT, electromedical and radiopharmaceuticals. Our members are national and regional industry associations representing more than 600 medical technology manufacturers, committed to improving health care and patient outcomes. DITTA was created in 2001 and incorporated in 2012 as a non-profit trade association. Since its inception, membership has grown significantly, and today counts eleven regional associations around the globe amongst its members. In 2015, DITTA granted the NGO status in official relations with the World Health Organization and signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the World Bank in 2016.

Through DITTA, the regional associations and their member companies are committed to working together more closely in order to promote sensible regulation, harmonized regulatory frameworks and the use of international standards around the globe.

DITTA’s commitment includes and is not limited to promoting innovation, improve market access and enhance global competitiveness in the medical imaging, radiation therapy, healthcare ICT, electromedical and radiopharmaceutical industries. DITTA’s focus is to improve the global regulatory environment for manufacturers to ensure that they remain at the forefront of technological innovation and are successful in the global marketplace as they continue to develop more advanced, life-saving products that improve quality, safety and patient access around the globe while also promoting cost efficiency.

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Our membership consists of manufacturers, innovators and product developers. Their products include:

  • Medical X-ray equipment;
  • Computed tomography (CT) scanners;
  • Ultrasound;
  • Nuclear imaging;
  • Radiation therapy equipment;
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI);
  • Imaging information systems;
  • Medical software, health IT and electromedical; and
  • Positron emission tomography (PET) and radiopharmaceuticals.

These life-saving products:

  • Lead to the early detection of disease;
  • Improve the quality of care;
  • Reduce the likelihood of medical errors; and
  • Lower the long-term cost of health care.



To act as one global voice for diagnostic imaging, radiation therapy, healthcare IT, electromedical and radiopharmaceutical manufacturers to better communicate, coordinate and collaborate on matters of common interest between participating associations and member companies in order to more effectively work with policymakers, organizations, professional associations and stakeholders at the global level.



DITTA’s objectives include:

  • Communicate, cooperate and coordinate between associations;
  • Identify topics and trends with global industry impact;
  • Develop and submit joint industry positions;
  • Promote ethical conduct and practices;
  • Leverage the benefits of international standards;
  • Improve awareness and relevance of industry products in healthcare;
  • Advocate for efficient and reasonable policies and regulations that promote innovation;
  • Enhance the global competitiveness of member companies;
  • Limit unnecessary regulatory burdens;
  • Harmonize regulatory frameworks;
  • Expand market access for member companies; and
  • Streamline clearance processes.